Not being one to exercise unrighteous dominion, when Mother, Fawnelle, Raydawn, and Mahonri all wanted to paint the house green and only me, Nephi, and Janeen wanted it white, we got a green house. The three of us get outvoted regularly on one thing or another, up against Mother’s solid bloc of four.

In fairness, I have to say that I remember at least two times Raydawn and Mahonri voted with us. Once we even had a tie. It’s not so bad when we celebrate Pioneer Day their way by going to the parade instead of to the mountains. On Labor Day we go to Henrieville to visit Mother’s folks because that’s what they like to do. Even on vacation we go to some historical monument they want to see instead of fishing at Strawberry Reservoir, our choice.

And it’s getting worse. When the old pickup died for good, we went to Morris’s used car lot. They all liked the blue Ford, so we bought a Ford truck. It worked out all right—good enough—but the rest of us were ticked because we wanted the red Dodge.
I don’t mind being outvoted on the little things, but this time they’ve gone too far. This time the three of us want to build a new shed. The old one’s leaning heavily and come snow, she’s going to founder. But we’re up against Mother and the rest of them for a new stove, which we need sure enough, but the shed’s real urgent.

Uncle Jake says I ought to assert my authority, but he’s not married to Mother. It’s got to be a real problem. At first, after the other children died, it was touching the way Mother said they were part of our eternal family, so included them in our plans and projects. But the rest of us are getting damn tired of being outnumbered!

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